Academic Excellence

We have always seen the term “Travel Ball” not to correlate with what we truly want to do here at Ironmen Baseball. We like to use the word preparatory program instead of travel ball program. We feel players need to work as hard or harder on the academic side of things along with development on the baseball side of things. With only 11.7 scholarships available at the Division 1 level it is key players make themselves as attractable as possible to college coaches. The first question they ask us after seeing a kid play is “how are his grades”, why is that? They know then if they can maybe get some academic money along with other types of scholarships including athletic and academic. That makes the player more attractive knowing they might not have to use so much athletic scholarship money to the player to have him sign. Also it speaks to the personal organizational make-up of the player, they know he is intelligent and works hard everyday to get better.

Ironmen Baseball will continue to develop strategies to help our players succeed in the class room and on the field. Soon we will be offering ACT and SAT Prep classes and seminars to our players. We will have these classes on the weekend, so all of our players will have access to these opportunities. More info to come soon.