Knights Baseball becomes Marucci franchise club

Knights is the latest addition to the Marucci Franchise Club, an elite collective of travel baseball organizations from across the country that embody the same values and goals. Knights Baseball offers a superior learning experience, elite competition and the most exciting playing atmosphere baseball has to offer within the Nashville area.

“The Knights Baseball program is one that we tried to get in the Franchise Club a few years ago. The timing wasn’t right, but the opportunity presented itself again and we jumped at the chance,” said Kyle Achord, Marucci’s Vice President of Team Sales.

This multi-year partnership provides their teams with superior product and dedicated support to fuel their growth from three of the hottest brands in baseball - Marucci, Victus and newly acquired, Lizard Skins.

Achord continues “adding another quality organization to the Franchise Club strengthens an already strong alliance of programs from across the country. We look forward to growing our relationship with their coaches, players, and parents to provide them with quality products and excellent service.”

The Marucci Franchise Club offers exclusive access to the brands, involvement in product testing, the ability to use the Marucci and Victus brand names in their organization and team names.

When asked about the decision to sign with Marucci, the owner of Knights Baseball, Eric Fruechtemeyer, stated “Knights Baseball is very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Marucci family. The family atmosphere they have created down there and the brand itself was enough for us. From the products to the Marucci World Series, we are pumped to get things going and represent Marucci!”

Marucci is dedicated to creating the products athletes want and need to be successful. Along with its partner-brands Victus and Lizard Skins, Marucci is looking forward to a lasting and prosperous relationship with Knights Baseball, as they all continue to grow and reach new heights.





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